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  • The Academic Mentor Program (AMP) is a resource offered by Student Learning Initiatives (SLI) that pairs Mentors up with four to six first-year students on academic probation.  Mentors and Mentees will discuss academic success strategies including time management, study and test taking skills, goal setting, and learning styles.
  • In addition to helping first-year students develop stronger academic strategies, you will also be forming and modeling a positive relationship with each Mentee through regular meetings and check ins.
  • As a Mentor, you would be expected to spend between six to eight hours per Mentee over the course of the spring semester.  Some Mentees could want or need more contact while others will may not be as interested in more time.
  • SLI staff will also conduct a pre-program training session along with regular meetings for Mentors to receive continual support and development.Please complete and submit the following application to indicate your interest to serve as a Mentor with AMP during the upcoming spring semester. 
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